Omb-Doj Memorandum Of Agreement

PPC competition law imposes fines for administrative matters in the context of anti-competitive agreements and mergers, while the criminal part of cases such as cartels, pricing and supply manipulation is conducted by DOJ-OFC. In this agreement, the DOJ will immediately approve the complaint to the Ombudsman`s office if the cases filed were “recognizable” by the Sandiganbayan. The Philippine Competition Commission on Friday signed agreements with the Office of the Ombudsman and the Ministry of Justice for a more harmonised approach to the application of anti-competitive behaviour and violations sanctioned by the Philippine Competition Act. CEBU, Philippines – The Ministry of Justice (DOJ) and the Ombudsman`s Office have signed an exclusive memorandum for complaints against government officials off Sandiganbayan to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of investigating and prosecuting cases involving government officials and employees. Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales and Justice Minister Leila de Lima signed the MOA. On the other hand, the signing of PCC`s LA MOA with DOJ formalizes the long-standing cooperation between the two agencies. Prior to the passage of the Competition Act in the Philippines in 2015, the Competition Office acted as the interim office of the DOJ (DOJ-OFC) to investigate and investigate cases of market competition violations and contributed to the creation of PCC as a competition authority. The PCC-DOJ partnership paves the way for the harmonized complaint referral system and preliminary investigation of ACP violations. It also provides a framework for coordination between the two agencies in the implementation of their respective leniency and witness protection programmes in the area of the application of competition cases.

By convening the Ombudsman`s office, the application of the agreements to the CCP can converge with anti-corruption efforts in cases punishable under Section 14 of the Philippine Competition Act. “With the partnerships with the DOJ and the Ombudsman`s office, this is a stronger step towards the conviction of cartels pushing prices to an excessive level, price fixers who agree not to compete. , and Offer Rigger, who play the system to take alternately in bagging projects penalized by competition law” Balisacan said. Cases under Sandiganbayan`s jurisdiction are those that have committed violations of the Republic Act (RA) 3019 as anti-comt and the practice of corruption, RA 1379, illegally acquired wealth, as well as crimes committed by officers of officials such as direct corruption, indirect corruption, qualified corruption and corruption of officials. The CCP`s cooperation with the Ombudsman and the DOJ can promote the detection, investigation and continuation of anti-competitive practices, monopolisation, corruption in the private sector and combinations aimed at restricting trade in the country. The CEECs also cover various avenues of cooperation, such as the establishment of joint task forces, capacity-building programmes and access to relevant information. “The partnerships between PCC and OMB, as well as with the DOJ, are part of the Commission`s implementation of the rules on cartels and abuse of dominance through cooperation, parallel efforts, joint task forces and coordinated actions with partner agencies,” said Arsenio M, CCP President.