What Agreement Of Turkey Will End In 2023

In the post-Lausanne world, Erdogan can be considered the only highly influential leader in the Arab world who focuses entirely on rebuilding the Islamic system and ottonomic values in the world. This factor also worries Arab leaders, because their power is the support of Muslims and Muslim countries, but in recent years they have betrayed their own Muslim people around the world by allying themselves with the West against them. Take the case of Yemen; They were brutally bombarded by their own Muslim brothers kno-wing the fact that Yemen is nothing but a white dot on a white paper before Saudi Arabia. The assassination of Saddam Hussein, the assassination of Jasser Ar-afat, the assassination of Hariri, are all results of the Arabs` uninterrupted support for the West. But times now. Tur-key will be there to replace the influence of the Arabs on the M-uslims community, and the façade of representations of Muslims is reversed. These plans are not a breeze; The Turkish establishment will have to demonstrate intelligent diplomacy and immeasurable patience. The recapture of their country will no longer be an obstacle, but only effective diplomacy of the Turks. Since the Russian Annektin krim, China has recently annexed territories from Indian territory to Ladakh. Not only that, but Israel also openly violates international law and annexes Palestinian countries by arguing that these countries belong to Jews. They see these territories as a biblical, historical and political affiliation to the Jews. Such demands will be made by Turkey in the near future, since these countries are historically and “legally” owned by the Turks.

Turkey and the international community will also not be important for the time when the treaty goes beyond time. It is the end of the Treaty of Lausanne that threatens the Arabs and their neo-German policy of security and strategic threat. To counter these threats, Arabs are focusing on creating strong economic and security relations with Israel, which will protect them from Turkish policy after Lausanne. Over the past century, especially in the last ten years, Turkey has become a somewhat hegemonic power in the region, with Iran being the only rival to influence and Israel its only rival in military power. His proactive attitude in the Syrian conflict – through his famous “Euphrates Shield” and his current Olive Branch operation – has allowed the country to once again become a regional power that can be considered a military, economic and diplomatic leader. With the expiry of this century-old treaty in 2023, Turkey will itself enter a new era by drilling oil and dug up a new canal linking the Black Sea to the Marmara Sea to recover the costs of passing ships. This seismic evolution, combined with Turkey`s recent military adventurism, suggests that the geographical contours of the region will certainly undergo a gigantic metamorphosis after the end of the Treaty of Lausanne. In order to isolate emerging geopolitical realities, Pakistan should also formulate a strategy to seize the opportunities that Turkey will offer in the coming days. It is expected to develop a comprehensive two-phase plan before 2023 and after 2023.